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Morning, folks. It's mid morning, cold as a witch's tit, and there… - Paul Westerberg [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Paul Westerberg

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[Nov. 25th, 2003|10:34 am]
Paul Westerberg
[Current Mood |amusedamused]
[Current Music |Arrested Development - Tennessee]

Morning, folks.

It's mid morning, cold as a witch's tit, and there is a foot of snow on the ground... What does that mean? That's right, my son, Johnny is gallivanting about in the snow, trying, in vain to build a snowman with only a little over 14 inches of snow on the grass. It's sort of cute...well, it would be if he weren't trying to put a feather boa on it but, hey--we were all 6 once, right?

If there's snow on the ground, it can only lead me to one conclusion, Christmas and Hanukkah are just days away! It also means that I'm gonna have to work my ass off to finish my shopping without getting too panicked and without stepping on any housewives to find Johnny's transformers. I'm trying to keep myself from being too sentimental but there is nothing more amazing on Christmas morning than to see my little buddy running down the stairs and ripping the paper off all 400 of his gifts within a matter of seconds and then asking for more. Well, either way, I think it will be a good holiday from my part -- don't know about the wife, but she will probably have it just as well in line for the little guy. Just a little side note, in case you haven't come this "conclusion," I didn't start celebrating Christmas until I met the wife, as Westerberg is a very Jewish name and I have a very Jewish nose. I grew up only experiencing Hanukkah and when I hit about 25, she had turned me around. Afterall, eight days of presents may seem sweet, but there was too much work involved. Johnny will be exposed to it, but the great religious decision will have to be within himself.

OK...now that we have stepped off the Hallmark moment, I think that it's time to do a little shameless self promotion...

Dead Man Shake, the new album by my alter ego--Grandpaboy, is out now!

Come Feel Me Tremble, the new album and DVD by yours truly, is out now!

Just in time for your favorite holiday.

Psst...my birthday is on New Year's Eve...just a thought!

Take care.

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[User Picture]From: westerberg_paul
2003-11-25 08:31 pm (UTC)

How are you?
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